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The workspace for those
who have no office.

The wellbeing factory


Luxmill’s Cowork Spaces & Offices

Cosy and personal, our co-workers will be part of a stimulating community. Our Luxmill Cowork is designed to provide the best working environment..
Open on a 24/7 basis, you can switch between your spot on the classic open space office desk and the comfortable armchair located in a beautiful lounge area. Whatever pleases your mood.


The wellbeing factory


What to Expect

Our two-people-isolation-boxes will allow you to have a little acoustic retreat to discuss projects with your co-worker privately and without disturbing others.

If you have a client meeting, use either one of the two Cowork conference cells, equipped with screens for your presentation or the lounge area for a more casual setting.

In the Cowork kitchen corner, you can heat up your lunch and get a hot beverage for you and your guests.

Reception and mail management services are available. The Internal Cowork Communication Network will allow you to get notifications, stay updated on Cowork news, communicate with our members of staff and exchange with your fellow co-workers.

Applications for our limited Cowork spots open in fall 2020.

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    04 More than just a workplace

    Luxmill Perks

    Luxmill is so much more than a building. So of course, our Cowork is so much more than a traditional office.

    Luxmill Perks will include:
    • Business Expert Advice and Talks
    • Afterwork Events
    • Privileged access to Luxmill sports classes
    • Privileged access to Luxmill Conferences, Events and Festivals