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You will be spoilt with choice.

The wellbeing factory


Luxmill’s Shops & Restaurants

We get it! These days, everyone seems to tell you how to live your life, to eat healthy and exercise regularly. We all get the theoretical part, it’s the practical side that is tricky. You need the time, energy and opportunity to actually look after yourself.

Luxmill wants to take the pressure off and do the work for you. Making good choices is way easier with a selection of restaurants, take away temples and cafes that propose healthy and delicious food. We can promise that making the right choice won’t feel like a sacrifice.


The wellbeing factory


A place to sit and meet

Having a drink or a delicious meal is even better when you can sit in our beautiful inner courtyard. Lots of greenery, a podium for bands, a bicycle park and water fountains are all part of the deal.

We decided to cover up the courtyard so that you make the most of your time outside. Our removable cover will shield you from the sun, rain and wind. Its inbuilt heaters will warm you on cold autumn days and the fairy lights will remind you that happiness can be found in the darkest of times if you only turn on the lights.


We are on the lookout

We want it all: Cafes, restaurants, take away temples and grocery shops.

For every taste, occasion, mood and craving just as long as it’s healthy and freshly prepared.

Become part of the 2000 square metre food haven at Luxmill.

We shout out to all the restaurant owners, who share our philosophy and all the chefs who are looking for a new opportunity to create. If you are passionate about food, creative and excited to be part of something big, get in touch.

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