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The wellbeing factory

01 Innovative and fun

Luxmill's Gym

No we have no plans to open the umpteenth gym in the area, with classic treadmill and pump station. Instead, we prefer to mix it up with a sports centre purely based on a selection of classes. More diversity means higher chance that everyone will find their passion, whether you are prepping for a marathon or dreaming of getting in shape.

Strength – Cardio – High Intensity – Relaxation – Dance
All of our classes will be innovative and fun! You can either join on a flexible free-as-a-bird class by class basis or as part of a weekly or monthly subscription.

If you really don’t like working out, just come for the view over Belval from the Rooftop terrace or enjoy a drink at the Sport’s Centre Bar.


The wellbeing factory


Partner with us

Personal trainers, dance teachers, Yogis...we need all of you. So whether you have your company up and running and looking for locations to give classes or whether you are a qualified sports wizard eager to turn your passion into your job, get in touch.

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